High performance 10S BD BK diamond polishing wheels for glass

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China Glass
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4th Floor,Staircase1,Building3,Hongyi Ceramics City,Wugang Road,Changcheng District,Foshan,Guangdong,China

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  • product name:High performance 10S BD BK diamond polishing wheels for glass
  • Product Number:ECS000310
  • Brand: Henan LiLiang Diamond Co., Ltd.
  • Shelf time:2017-11-09
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(XinYuan) Grinding Polishing Wheel for Glass 

BK series Polishing Wheel:10S Polishing Wheel:

10S Polishing Wheel:

X-3000 Polishing Wheel:

Frequently Asked Questions: 
----Which Bond Type does Your Company Produce of Grinding Wheels?
We produce grinding wheels with all kinds of bond types. like: Metal, Resin, Vitrified, Hybrid.
----Are you Manufacturer or Saler?
We are professional manufacturer with more than 20 years production experience.
Our factory producing both grinding wheels for glass machinery and customized grinding wheels with various bond types and various size/shape requirement.

----Is It Possible of the Grinding Wheels Print on with Our Own Logo? 
Yes. If have no special demand, then all the grinding wheels will print with ours logo.
If you have any requirement about it, please let us know early, so we will laser print yours own logo instead of ours.
----Size and Shape Available for Production?
All kinds of shape and all kinds of size are available for us to produce according to your specifications demand. We are professional in Customized Grinding Wheels.
----Does Your Grinding Wheels Export to Europe?
Yes, we export to Europe, South America, Asia, etc. all around the world for many years before. and obtain a good reputation in good quality and best performance.
----Is it safe of your packing for long time delivery?Yes, Carbon with foam inside. 

XinYuan Founded as a Leader of Grinding Wheels in China Since 1992.
XinYuan Located at ZheCheng Industrial Area in ShangQiu City, HeNan Province, Which is Covers an Area
of 30000 Square Meters.

We Offering a Full Range of Grinding Wheels, and Customized Grinding Wheels. 

Henan XinYuan Superhard Material Co., Ltd--- A Professional Manufacturer of Customized Grinding Wheels and Grinding Wheels for Glass Machinery, And Kinds of Superhard Materials and Tools,etc.
(1). Grinding Wheels and Tools for Glass Machinery:

(2). Customized Kinds of Tools and Grinding Wheels:

100% Safety Package for Long Distance Delivery:

(1). Empty Carton with Foam inside;  
(2). Putting into Grinding Wheels then Cover One Pcs of Foam before Close the Carton;
(3). Foam Package 
(4). Closed the Carbon with Foam Inside.
(5). Several Pcs Grinding Wheels, Putting together into Larger Carton with Foam inside to keep it safe.

Henan XinYuan Superhard Material Co., Ltd is a High Technology Enterprise Specialized in Researching and Developing Diamond Abrasives & CBN Products.

HeNan XinYuan Grinding Wheels Manufacturer had attend International Exhibition in Germany of Augsburg, Dusseldorf and Russia; Will visit Vietnam, India, Turkey, and iran for Exhibition soon, already booked the Stand for the Show.

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