22mm insulated glass, curtain wall glass

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China Glass
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4th Floor,Staircase1,Building3,Hongyi Ceramics City,Wugang Road,Changcheng District,Foshan,Guangdong,China

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  • product name:22mm insulated glass, curtain wall glass
  • Product Number:ECS000293
  • Brand:NJR
  • Shelf time:2017-11-08
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  • Inventory: 10000

Insulated Glass

Single Piece Glass Thickness:0.2mm--25mm
Typical Application:

Apartments and Condos

Shopping Malls
Store Front Windows

Benefits:Energy Star and Leeds potential
Greatly reduced sound levels
Greener building environment
Improved morale from increased employee comfort
Lower heating and A./C costs (HVAC Savings)
Potential Government Energy Tax Credits.
Type of Glass:Bronze Glass – 2 shades
Grey Glass – 3 shades
Laminated Glass – one or both sides
Low Iron – no tinting, no color
Metallic Invisible coatings – multiple colors
Soda Lime – Standard green tinted
Product Volume:Quick Turnarounds
Short or production Runs
Secondary Operations:Acid Etching
Bullet Proof Glass
Patterned Glass
Sand Blasting
Screen Printing


Packaging & Shipping

Package: Wooden Cases

Lead Time: 10-15DAYS

Port: Shenzhen

Our Services

Company Advantages:

1.10 years experience in glass manufacturing.

2. Wonderful quality, exporting to more 40 countries in the world.

3. Unique designed strong wooden cases, solving the problems of breakage.

4. Located in Shenzhen ensuring convenient loading and rapid shipment.

5. Series of products meet your demands and also are customizable.

6. Perfect sales and after-sales team.

Company Information

Shenzhen Luobo New Jingrun Architectural Glass Co., Ltd set up in 2005, is a manufacture integrating scientific research, industry, commercial. We can provide 0.7-25mm float glass. Shenzhen Luobo New Jingrun Architectural Glass Co., Ltd can produce many kinds of high-quality float glass of varied colors and every specification.

Meanwhile Shenzhen Luobo New Jingrun Architectural Glass Co., Ltd owns a comprehensive glass deep-processing base with the greatest productivity. With advanced high-tech production technology and equipments the production base can produce processed glass including architectural safety glass, decoration glass and other series glass.

Shenzhen Luobo New Jingrun Architectural Glass

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Service Telephone400-8783-895
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